5 Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs Over Standard Tubs

5 Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs Over Standard Tubs

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their bathing experience and, for some, those needs far exceed what they can do for themselves. All kinds of individuals can benefit from installing walk-in bathtubs instead of standard tubs.


From added safety to easier cleaning and more independence for seniors, handicapped individuals, and children when bathing, anyone considering the switch will find several reasons to solidify their decision.

1. Convenience

Everyone who uses walk-in bathtubs can benefit from their convenience in several ways. When someone is weary from a long day at work or taking care of the kids, a long hot bath is divine. However, stepping over the wall to get into the tub is a bother no matter the status of the individual. With the switch to a different kind of tub, the user no longer has to deal with this bother. A door opens in the front wall, there is a seat to relax on while bathing and other features like the speed drain and grab bars make even the weariest of days a little better.

2. Safety

Children, seniors, and anyone with a handicap or limited mobility have the added risk of falling in the tub while entering or exiting and the people that help them in the home or take care of them completely have to live with the constant fear of such things happening. Walk-in bathtubs alleviate this stress for everyone involved. Safety features like grab bars wherever needed, specialty models for those in wheelchairs, and models that lift those with extremely limited mobility make it easy for any individual to bathe safely.

3. Independence

Hand in hand with safety comes independence for individuals who have safety concerns when entering or exiting the tub. Not being able to do so on their own can be not only embarrassing but also frustrating and a general hassle. The added safety features and overall design of walk-in bathtubs give the user independence in their bathing experience without sacrificing their wellbeing to do so.

4. Luxury

Walk-in bathtubs offer several therapeutic options that are also luxurious for anyone who uses them. Features such as two different types of hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and molded seats make a bathing experience into a spa experience every time.

5. Affordability

When deciding to make the switch from a standard tub to a walk-in model, potential buyers may be reluctant because they worry about the cost of the transfer. Walk-in bathtubs are extremely affordable and a quality model will last long and function well. The user can get a safe, comfortable, and independent bathing experience no matter their status and the cost won’t be phenomenal.

There are many models of walk-in bathtubs and they’re all different with various features that cater to specific situations and many of them are customizable. You can learn about what is best for your home with a free quote and the information you need.